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How to recycle breadbags, pet food and toilet rolls

October 14, 2019

We love that you’re reading this and interested in recycling bread bags. The good news is that it isn’t just bread bags that you can recycle. It’s anything with a 4 in the recycle symbol on the packaging. Below is a list of the products that commonly use polythene but as ever just check that it has a 4 symbol or PE or LDPE or PE-LD on it. Use your bread bag to stuff all other polythene items in it. Turn it inside out to get rid of the crumbs. You can re-use the resealable seal to fasten it up when it’s full too. Here’s just a short list to get you started:-

  • Toilet roll wrapping is typically polythene
  • Fruit and veg bags are also made of polythene. Check carefully as some may be compostable which is a definite no no for recycling with polythene!
  • Pet food pouches and plastic wrap on multi pack tins
  • Plastic wrap round multi packs of fizzy drinks and water

We’ve made a little video to show you what we mean you can view it here