Food Waste / Supermarkets

Slight reduction in food waste reported!

November 8, 2019

It’s always good to celebrate success even if it’s only reported as ‘slight’! This week reported that there had been “progress in supermarkets to help cut household food waste, but more to be done”. We’re talking improved guidance on date labels, product life, pack size and storage/freezing advice but as anyone who looks at packaging in our supermarkets on own brands or big brands it’s still very confusing and not consistent. If you’re trying to understand what you can recycle and where, labelling is very confusing whilst reducing food waste surely has to be about buying what you need and ensuring you use it all?

Of course pre-packed bread is really clearly date labelled usually on the resealable seal round the neck of the bag. And we have the huge benefit that it’s pretty evident when bread is out of date – it feels stale, tastes stale and if you miss either of these and leave it longer there’s always the tell tale green mould spots!!

WRAP commented that “There are some instances of good availability of smaller pack sizes – for example for dairy and meat items. However, while small packs of bread (400g loaves) were found in two-thirds of stores, they were on average 74% more expensive per kg than 800g loaves” It seems that buying things in smaller quantities is always more costly and not just in food. We pay more for 6 months road tax than 12 months for example, our whole economy seems to be geared to buying big quantities of food, products or services!

If you’d like to read the whole article from WRAP you can find it here