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Getting school kids recycling

April 28, 2021

For some generations recycling is something they have to consciously think about. What items can and can’t be recycled. Reading labels, sometimes very confusing labels. Doing their best. Even then we have additional challenges in that our home collection by the council has slightly different rules!! In the UK only about 17% of recyclable plastic is collected at the kerbside (WRAP). It seems we aren’t alone in that. In Australia despite 66% of plastics being recyclable, they only collect 18%!! (APCO)


Aussie’s get the kids involved

Recycling has to be something we do automatically and one of the best ways is to encourage children to recycle so that it becomes part of their natural behaviours. We were delighted to see a new initiative called Wonder Recycling Rewards A fun and easy way for children to collect plastics that can be recycled. Each collection earns reward points that can be redeemed on schools exercise equipment. Even better the exercise and play equipment is made out of recycled plastics!! Brilliant idea and a fabulous example of the circular economy too!