Food Waste / Recycling

Colgate Leads by Example

May 11, 2021

Global companies that spend 5 years developing a new type of packaging that benefits recyclability significantly and then immediately offers the technology to their rivals, absolutely need applauding. Colgate we applaud you!

“Making toothpaste tubes part of the circular economy will help keep plastic productive and eliminate waste,”

Simon Petersen, GM at Colgate-Palmolive S. Pacific.

This story from Australia explains how Colgate Palmolive have created the first recyclable toothpaste tube. Their Smile for Good tubes use high density polyethylene (HDPE) which is similar to that used in plastic milk containers so already known as a recyclable by the consumer. They want ALL toothpaste tubes to be made this way so that waste from this source can be eliminated and recycled. These new tubes are also squeezable unlike milk containers which means using toothpaste from these tubes is the same as it has always been.

We applaud Colgate for being collectively ambitious for the toothpaste industry by doing the research and development and then sharing its technology. Recycling and eliminating waste is not and should not be brand specific nor seen as a competitive advantage whatever the use. And no this is not directly about recycling breadbags but it is totally aligned to our ethos. At our end game is to reduce food waste that is so damaging to the planet without creating packaging that either costs the planet and/or ends up in landfill. If we can make it easy for the consumer to support the recycling effort by creating packaging that is recyclable and ensuring it can be collected to be recycled then we have gone a long way to our goals