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Co-op launches 1,500 soft plastic recycling collection points across UK

July 13, 2021

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Soft plastic recycling point at Co-op supermarket

Hot on the heels of Tesco’s announcement in March that they were supplying soft plastic recycling points at several stores, a new initiative from the Co-op is further contributing to the ease of recycling soft plastic packaging.

In a welcome move, the supermarket chain has unveiled 1,500 new recycling points across the UK, with a further 800 promised by the end of 2021. The plastics collected will be recycled in the UK and turned into useful secondary products including: bin liners; buckets, and materials for the construction industry.

Not to be confused with hard plastics like drinks bottles and yoghurt pots – you can generally determine if an item would be classed as a soft plastic if it springs back into shape when scrunched.

Many consumers may not be aware, but things like bread bags, crisp packets, fruit punnet film lids, pasta/ cereal bags and chocolate wrappers often (and avoidably) end up in landfill, are incinerated or shipped overseas.

For years, conscientious and well-meaning people have been dutifully filling their recycling bins at home; imagining that the items will be taken away by their local council and recycled responsibly. Sadly, this is rarely the case. Very few local councils recycle soft plastics; instead disposing of them with general waste and contributing to the environmental crisis.

Plastic packaging offers a lot of benefits when it comes to maintaining freshness and cutting down on food waste – but as consumers, we have a responsibility to do our part to ensure that this doesn’t needlessly and adversely affect our planet.

Help make a meaningful contribution to the war on waste, and alter your recycling habits today.  

Watch our video for a nifty hack to keep all your packaging together, ready for dropping off at your local soft plastic recycling point next time you go shopping: