About BreadBag Recycling


OUR DAILY BREAD where would many of us be without it? We eat it in so many different ways and it feeds us easily and simply. Indeed over 11 million loaves of bread are produced everyday in the UK. Much of this is packaged into the ubiquitous breadbag. Yes it’s a plastic breadbag but you know not all plastic is bad. In fact the polythene bread bag with the little tape seal attached is 100% recyclable. It keeps your bread fresher for longer than most other methods, that reduces food waste and means you get the best value for money for the cost of your daily bread.

So why have we set up this breadbag recyling website? Simply because we want to play our part by offering straight forward advice and information on how best to recycle your breadbags for the benefit of the planet.

And who are we? We are Select Bag Sealers, a company based in Leeds who supply the machines and tape to the bakeries that produce 95% of the UK’s daily bread. BreadbagRecycling.org is our passion project and we want to cut through some of the headlines and stories to the real info about breadbag recycling.

We work together with the largest bread producers in the UK like Warburtons, Allied bakeries and Hovis plus many of the big supermarkets too, helping co-ordinate and push the message about recycling breadbags to the consumer and industry.